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Bitcoin on avoimen lähdekoodin script

bitcoin on avoimen lähdekoodin script

top stack value is not 0, duplicate. There are some words which existed in very early versions of Bitcoin but were removed out of concern that the client might have a bug in their implementation. Here is how each word is processed: Stack Script Description Empty. Most typically, they send money from someone to someone else if specific conditions are met.

bitcoin on avoimen lähdekoodin script

It is intentionally not.
This step-by-step guide gives you an inside look at the logic and scripting langua ge behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin: Bitcoin Script!
Vastauksen tähän antaa Bitcoin, vertaisverkossa toimiva.
Bitcoin (merkki: ; lyhenne: BTC) on avoimeen lähdekoodiin pohjautuva.

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Forth -like, Script is simple, stack-based, and processed from left to right. If it is, 1 is returned, 0 otherwise. Thus 0x81 represents -1. (empty value an empty array of bytes is pushed onto the stack. OP_MOD 151 0x97 a b out Returns the remainder bitcoin kauppa koko raja after dividing a. Addresses, bIP 13 specifies the address format. OP_checkmultisig 174 0xae x sig1 sig2.